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April 9,2020 

Our Club Steps up !!!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of donating water, pop, and granola bars to the River Forest Police Department on behalf of The Rotary Club of OPRF. They were so surprised, grateful, and appreciative. We are so grateful for the work they do in our community to keep us safe. 

Snacks for first responders

We are also donating meals to first responders, local hospitals, Housing Forward, and gave $2,000 to Beyond Hunger to feed families in need.

All because I dared to ask, "What can we do as a club now that we aren't meeting for lunch on Wednesdays?"

With our awards breakfast, international conference, and our lunch meetings canceled, that opened up $12,600 in the budget for us to give to the community.

We've been meeting virtually and planning how to reallocate our funds and serve our communities.

One person can make a difference, especially when you have 70+ Rotarians backing you up.

We'll continue to find ways to serve while socially distancing. Our club has amazing community leaders heading up the school districts, representing our parks and villages, local universities, area businesses, and hospitals. It's a powerful club of amazing people with great hearts doing good in our community.

Every day is a great day to be a Rotarian, but days like these are the best!

Sending love to all the Rotarians making the world a better place today, and every day. Amanda


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